Cub Scouts 101

Pack, Den, Akela, Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!  I can’t keep track of all these things!

First off, Relax.  There will not be a test on this.

The website for Cub Scouts has a lot of information for new scouting parents:

The first two terms that you will need to know are Pack and Den.  Dens are a group of boys of the same age.  There will be a leader for each den called a Den Leader.  Several Dens make up a Pack.  There will be a leader for the Pack called a Cubmaster.

All the leaders and adults are called Akela.

Your scout will be assigned to a den based on their age.  The dens will be named based on the rank the scouts are working towards Lions (Kindergarten), Tigers (1st Grade), Wolves (2nd Grade), Bears (4th Grade) or Webelos (4th and 5th Grade).  Before a new scout can work towards those ranks they need to earn the Bobcat Rank, which is not age dependent, and make sure the scout knows some basic scouting information.

You may hear the term “Youth Protection” or “Youth Protection Training”, in fact we hope that you do hear about it.  This is training from the Boy Scouts of America on how to conduct scouting events in a manner that keeps our scouts and scout leaders safe from abuse and mistreatment.  While there is more aspects of the training, the top two summarize to “No one on one” (an adult alone with a scout) and “Two Deep Leadership” (at least two leaders/adults must be present with the group of scouts).  The website has information on this training which is required for all of our leaders and is strictly enforced for everyones safety.

Once you start attending den meetings with your scout, your den leader should be able to help teach your scout and you about cub scouts as you progress in the program.  If something is not clear or understood, please ask.


Scouting Terms:

Akela: Any Leader or Adult

Arrow of Light:Award earned by Webelos that can be worn when in Boy Scouts. (it is the only award from Cub Scouts that an adult can wear as a knot)

Bears: scout age 9 yrs or in 3rd grade

Bobcat:The first rank to be earned by a cub scout regardless of age

Charter Organization: organization that provides support to the pack. St. Rose De Lima Church is our charter organization.

Cubmaster:A registered scout leader assigned to the pack

Cub Scout Tracker: online program for our pack to track advancement, schedule and communication

Den:a group of boys of the same age/rank

Den Leader:A registered scout leader assigned to den.

Lions:scout age 6 yrs or in Kindergarten

Pack:A group of dens that meet together and are sponsored by a charter organization.

Signs Up:Act of an akela making the cub scout sign indicating that the scouts should be quiet for the akela to speak.

Tigers: scout age 7 yrs or in 1st grade

Webelos: scouts age 10+ yrs or in 4th & 5th grade, occasionally referred to as Webelos 1 and Webelos 2

Wolves:scout age 8 yrs or in 2nd grade

Youth Protection:Training program and way of life for keeping our scouts safe from abuse.