• When and where does the Pack meet?

For security and safety of our scouts we do not post the times and locations of any events in the public domain.  We do hold weekly meetings during the school year in the Aldenville area and monthly events during the summer season.  Please contact us for times and locations of meetings.

  • What den would my son be joining?

Dens will be formed based on the age/rank groups, there may be multiple dens for each age/rank group.

Lions -> Kindergarten, Age 6

Tigers -> 1st Grade, Age 7

Wolves -> 2nd Grade, Age 8

Bears -> 3rd Grade, Age 9

Webelos -> 4th Grade, Age 10

Arrow of Light-> 5th Grade, Age 11


  • What uniforms does my son need?

Pack 138 only requires the uniforms from the waist up, pants can be jeans or shorts as the weather dictates, no open toed shoes. The Blue Uniform shirt can be used for each year as your son progresses so it is highly recommended to get a shirt that your son can grow into.

Lions -> Lions T-Shirt

Tigers -> Blue Uniform Shirt, Orange Neckerchief

Wolves -> Blue Uniform Shirt, Yellow Neckerchief

Bears -> Blue Uniform Shirt, Blue Neckerchief

Webelos -> Blue or Tan Uniform Shirt, Plaid Neckerchief

Arrow of Light-> Tan Uniform Shirt, Plaid Neckerchief


  • What books will my son need?

Lions -> Lions Handbook

Tigers -> Tiger Handbook

Wolves -> Wolves Handbook

Bears -> Bears Handbook

Webelos -> Webelos Handbook

Arrow of Light-> Webelos Handbook

  • Does the pack have any of these supplies for my son?

The pack does not provide the uniforms. We do keep a swap box that you can put unneeded uniform pieces; however it is first come, first serve.

  • How much does it cost?

The cost is prorated based on the month that the scout joins. The Registration and Insurance are set by the BSA. The dues are set by the Pack to cover some of the operating costs of the Pack.

  • What if I can’t afford the cost of cub scouts?

We will not deny anyone access to cub scouts due to financial reason. There is financial assistance that is available from the Scout Council. We do fundraising during the year that can help offset the costs of scouting. If this is a concern, please talk with the pack leadership and we will do what we can. Everything will be kept confidential.

  • My son is (allergic to [fill in the blank], learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, physically challenged, emotionally challenged, etc.). Can he still be in Cub Scouts?

Definitely, yes! Our Cub Scout program welcomes all boys. The Cub Scout program is adaptable to many special needs, and there are program and training materials to help Cub Scout leaders adapt the program to the situation. There are also programs to teach the boys to understand those that may be a little different than they are. However, it is important that the Pack and Den leadership be made aware of these cases so that we can deal with any problems or situations that may arise. We ask that you fill out a health form that stays with Pack 138. Please be sure to note any special needs or conditions we need to know about. You should also plan to stay at all of the meetings, which is required for all parents of Cub scouts in all age groups.

  • How early can I drop my boy off before the meeting? What if I’m busy and can’t pick him up exactly when the meeting ends?

Please, Please, PLEASE! Make sure you understand this: WE ARE NOT RUNNING A BABY SITTING SERVICE!!! BSA doesn’t stand for Baby Sitters of America. This is not someplace where you can drop your children off for an hour or so while you run some errands. Scouting is a family program. You will be expected to stay at the meeting with your son and help him out if you can in any way possible, along with the other parents, to make your sons den run smoothly. Pack meetings are for the whole family.

  • Do I have to sign up as an adult leader?

No. All the leaders in the Pack are volunteers. You are not required to be an adult leader.

  • How involved do I need to be in the pack?

You will be expected to stay at the meeting with your son and help him out if you can in any way possible. Beyond that there are opportunities throughout the year to be involved ranging from helping setup/cleanup from the pack meetings to being a den leader or committee member. The more adult involvement, the better the pack runs, and the better experience your son will have.

  • Can siblings be brought to the meetings?

While the den meetings are meant for the cub scouts, we do understand that some families will need to bring siblings with them. We ask that sibling follow the same rules of behavior as the cub scouts. We do try to involve siblings in Pack meetings and Pack events. Den meetings are sometimes difficult to conduct the activities necessary for the scouts to advance in rank while including siblings. Please try to bring activities for the siblings during these meetings (coloring books, homework, board games, craft projects, etc).